Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Apple App got rejected!

Apple App Store has rejected my Dice Calculator app. And it is very cool that they gave me a reason so that I can work on improvement plan. This is very very cool. The reason why mine did not get thru is they wants my application to support both portrait and landscape mode instead of only supporting one orientation. Let's spend some time to work on that. Hmmm....

Screen shot 2010-06-29 at AM 08.35.37.png

This is also good. By the time I finish fixing this... I may be able to see how much to charge. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dice Calculator




The kids learned everything from school nowadays.  However, not every thing they learned can fit into your kid's learning pace.  For my case, my son has learn how to count at school, so, it is naturally for him to learn how to add.  But if you ask him to count the fingers, he will get confuse, as he needs to manage the fingers and counting at the same time.  That is why I created the Dice Calculator for him to learn counting from the two dices.




[Dice Calculator]

The name of this app is called "Dice Calculator".  To me, it is a calculator.  Usually, I want my son to learn how to add the two numbers, I will say "Son! What is two plus three?".  My son will take two dices, and then, show me the two dots and three dots.  And then, he will start counting "1-2-3-4-5" from the two dices.  This is how he learned what is mathematic, what is addition.  When I learned how to write iPhone Apps using Game Salad, I decided to make this technique available for those parents who wants to teach their toddler how to add.




[Learn to Count]

This is where the kid will learn how to count the dots on a dice.  If the dice show "5", he will touch the dice 5 times.  And the app will start counting together with the kid.  1-2-3-4-5.  When the kid press the "speaker" icon, the App will speak out the number directly.  All instructions are clickable.



[Learn to Add]

Now, when the kid is ready, he will learn how to add two dices together by counting all the dots he sees from the two dices.  So, in this case, he will touch the first dice 3 times, and a green arrow will mark counting completion.  As he press the second dice two times, the second dice will show a green arrow.  This teaches the kid how to do proper counting dots.  When he is ready to try new one, simply press the Next button below the dices to change the dice number.




When the kid is ready to take the quiz.  This is where he will learn how to add both number by counting the dots.  It is very important to keep encouraging the kid.  So, when he answer wrongly, I simply put a X symbol and ask him to try to answer again.  When he press the correct answer, the App will praise the kid "Excellent!", "Brilliant!", "Well Done!", etc... sort of encourage the kid.


[Why iPhone or iPad?]

It is a very simple technique.  But you cannot bring the dice everywhere you go.  So, if mom and dad carries an iPhone, this App will keep your kid busy, fun and yet educational.



Well, the dice is a cube and has only 6 faces.  So, your kid will start learning adding 1-6 addition.  Instead of the 1-10.  This App is suitable for kid that is 1.5 years old to 4 years old.   I hope this app will bring both fun and knowledge to your kid.  Have Fun!



See how my son play this App below in this video.

I have created this blog space to post all my iPhone development related posting. Recently, I have found a tool called "Game Salad", and it is one of the wonderful tool for writing games. It comes with a lot of WYSIWYG kind of tools to help one to create games or applications. For me, I see there is a need in teaching my young toddler how to properly learn Chinese or any other thing, so, I have decided to spent some times to write some applications for that.