Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Game Salad Creator failed to upload to Game Salad iPhone Viewer


For few days, I got stuck at the Game Salad iPhone Viewer. The symptoms is somehow, I cannot see the upload via WIFI icon beside the green play button.

I just upgraded to Game Salad 0.8.9, and I thought it was a bug that they will fix soon. Later when I really got time to sit down and dig some more, I found that it was a stupid error.

Somehow, Game Salad lost my userid and password, and therefore, it is not log on to the server. So, they cannot verify I am a member, therefore, the WIFI upload logo will never come out. Well, Game Salad should pop out a message saying, "are you log in?"

After I key in my userid and password, the WIFI upload logo appears again. ahhaha

Monday, July 26, 2010

eduDice for iPad

My free App has been running for 1 week now. 774 downloads. I am proud of it. Will design more Apps. Very encouraging.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

eduDice for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

red-dice-icon iphone7272.png



The kids learned everything from school nowadays. However, not every thing they learned can fit into your kid's learning pace. For my case, my son has learn how to count at school, so, it is naturally for him to learn how to add. But if you ask him to count the fingers, he will get confuse, as he needs to manage the fingers and counting at the same time. That is why I created the eduDice for him to learn counting from the two dices.


The game comes with both Portrait mode & Landscape mode, simply to take advantage of the user friendly interface of the iPad device.

IMG_0028.PNG[Learn to Count]

This is where the kid will learn how to count the dots on a dice. If the dice show "5", he will touch the dice 5 times. And the app will start counting together with the kid. 1-2-3-4-5. When the kid press the "speaker" icon, the App will speak out the number directly. All instructions are clickable.

Don't forget to click those cute octopus, sumo wrestler, and crab.

IMG_0031.PNG[Learn to Add]

Now, when the kid is ready, he will learn how to add two dices together by counting all the dots he sees from the two dices. So, in this case, he will touch the first dice 3 times, and a green arrow will mark counting completion. As he press the second dice two times, the second dice will show a green arrow. This teaches the kid how to do proper counting dots. When he is ready to try new one, simply press the Next button below the dices to change the dice number.


When the kid is ready to take the quiz. This is where he will learn how to add both number by counting the dots. It is very important to keep encouraging the kid. So, when he answer wrongly, I simply put a X symbol and ask him to try to answer again. When he press the correct answer, the App will praise the kid "Excellent!", "Brilliant!", "Well Done!", etc... sort of encourage the kid.

IMG_0036.PNG[Why iPhone or iPad?]

It is a very simple technique. But you cannot bring the dice everywhere you go. So, if mom and dad carries an iPhone, this App will keep your kid busy, fun and yet educational.

Note 1: eduDice for iPhone will be coming soon.
Note 2: The game is FREE!


Well, the dice is a cube and has only 6 faces. So, your kid will start learning adding 1-6 addition. Instead of the 1-10. This App is suitable for kid that is 1.5 years old to 4 years old. I hope this app will bring both fun and knowledge to your kid. Have Fun!

[About Jay Kay Studio]

I like to teach my sons. So, I am writing these games for my sons to learn. And they take it very well. They love the game, and I would like to share it with all of you. My sons are Jay & Kay.


See how my son play this App below in this video. (version 1.0)


Name: Kenneth Liew

Email: kenliew@me.com

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's a Bug!!!

OK... I think I can re-create the bug. What I did, is I accidentally drag the image file into the scene area. And it created an actor for me. And when I deleted it by pressing DEL key, nothing happens. And I use the "minus sign" to delete. And then, I click the "plus sign" in the image area to add an image, somehow, all my image cannot be displayed. And the proj file got corrupted again!

Hmmm... I believe I did the same mistake yesterday... later got time, I will verify. Luckily this time, I never press the SAVE button to save this corrupted file.

If you face with this, simply kill Game salad and restart again.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Corrupted Game Salad project file

OK... one advise, I think we need to save the "good" game salad file and back up it to another place, instead of having working on a single file.

I don't know what happen, but my 6 hours work are all gone.

when I launch game salad and load my project file, all the images are gone.

I cannot see anything at all.

I assume that it is corrupted. but if you load it up to gamesalad viewer, everything is still in tact.
but how can you do work without seeing the images?

strange, and I could not find any cure in the forum.

will go sleep and wait till tomorrow and recreate everything again.

Screen shot 2010-07-10 at PM 03.38.50.png

Take a look... this is "screen of death" for game salad. I don't know what causes it. But I suspected that this is due to the >100% CPU loading when you did not properly shut off the gamesalad viewer, etc and cause the corruptions while writing the proj files.

Notice that game salad cannot display any images, and all my work is just a "black screen", when you click on it, the actor is still there, but just cannot show the images. and in the Actors windows all the actors has lost their image too.

when you go in and investigate the proj directory, all the files are there and in tact. so, I am guessing that the "symbolic links" in the XML files for the proj files are corrupted and they cannot display the images due to that.

I have yet find a solution, yesterday, I lost 7 hours of work, and I regret that I did not save an extra copy of my work. So, what I do, every 30 min, I will "compress" my proj directory, and name it against the time. Just in case, I face with this again. I will keep searching for answers. once I found it, I will post it here.

GameSalad Viewer and the GameSalad Creater performance

When you run the code in your GameSalad, please remember to PAUSE it in the Creator first, and then press the HOME button to exit the GameSalad Viewer.

If you do not follow this simple rule, the GameSalad will chew up 100% of CPU and your GameSalad Creator will hang there for a long while depending on your code.

How to handle Autorotation

So, what you do is to wait for auto-rotation is started... (not finished)
and make another rules to cater for landscape and portrait. if it detected
landscape jump to the landscape scene. if it detected portrait, then jump
to the portrait scene.

Don't forget the important step. go to every scene, click on the attribute,
and then check all the autorotation boxes under "autorotation"

Screen shot 2010-07-09 at PM 08.25.47.png

Take note:

1. If you forgot to check for autorotation-is-starting... then, it will continue change scene as it keeps detecting the landscape/portrait mode.

2. If you set to detect auto-rotation is finished, the change scene will start slower. because you only do a check after you have finished rotating.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Forum: Autorotation portrait and landscape mode tips


This is very helpful for you. as Apple requires all games to be available in both portrait and landscape mode, you will need to learn how to design the game rules to handle this first and then you build your game code.

Game Salad developers blog


This is one of the developers thoughts... where author write about game salad...

Display a HUD on a scrolling scene in Gamesalad

this is for advanced programming... when you are doing a 2D scrolling game...
how you design a bigger map area and move your camera in that... I am not going
to write such complicated games... but it is a good to know basis...


Editing the Scene


When you enable autorotation, you will need to create a scene that is 768x1024 in portrait mode.

this is where you change those. Also, you can add "gravity" in this scene, so that all the objects appeared in this scene has gravity either pulling your actors or pushing your actors.

the "Wrap Y" will allow your actor to leave the scene at the bottom and come back from the top.

of course, you need to handle the accelerations. otherwise the actor will keep on accelerates.

Games Salad Tutorials...


How to save your high score


This is a very nice video teaching you how to save the games highscores.

Thru using the save attributes and load attributes...