Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Game Salad Creator failed to upload to Game Salad iPhone Viewer


For few days, I got stuck at the Game Salad iPhone Viewer. The symptoms is somehow, I cannot see the upload via WIFI icon beside the green play button.

I just upgraded to Game Salad 0.8.9, and I thought it was a bug that they will fix soon. Later when I really got time to sit down and dig some more, I found that it was a stupid error.

Somehow, Game Salad lost my userid and password, and therefore, it is not log on to the server. So, they cannot verify I am a member, therefore, the WIFI upload logo will never come out. Well, Game Salad should pop out a message saying, "are you log in?"

After I key in my userid and password, the WIFI upload logo appears again. ahhaha

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