Friday, August 13, 2010

Housework Dice (家务骰子)

jiawuicon7272ip.png Housework Dice (家务骰子) ver 1.0

Produced by Jay Kay Studio.

Written by Kenneth Liew.

A couple sometimes may end up with disputes when it comes to housework duties. Housework Dice (家务骰子) is here to solve the problem. It is called the "Evil Dice" in China, and it is very popular among young couples, especially young women who is below 30 years old. These young women is amaze with this Housework Dice that is able to command their husband to do housework, and shift some of the traditional duties to men. It is fun to do housework with Housework Dice.

How to Play>> Just shake your iPhone to roll the dice, and accept your fate.


家务骰子 可以帮助小夫妻决定谁做那一些家务。这个家务骰子在中国十分受欢迎。那些大男人主义的老公们更本没有逃脱的机会。用骰子来做家务也同时可以增加夫妻之间的感情和情趣。

如何玩 》》摇动您的 iPhone 来丢家务骰子。您须做那些家务即可分晓!


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